Zhang Yuling

Global Art Director of the King & Wood Mallesons Law Firm
Director of the KWM artcenter

Zhang Yuling is presently based in Beijing, as the global art director of the King & Wood Mallesons law firm, the director of the KWM artcenter, an art history researcher and writer and the founder of KWM art club. She graduated from Pekin University and Sorbonne Paris 1, and receive a doctor degree of art history and archaeology. She has written art history columns for magazines such as Life Week, WISSEN and One-way Street etc. She has worked in the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Ullens Center for Contemporary Art. Zhang Yuling is the author of “Power and Body in the History of Classical Western Art”, “Aestheticism”. She has translated books like “Medieval Society”, “Micropsychanalyse”, “C’est de Chine que je rècris…”and “Le Bergsonisme” etc.

Tim Crowley

International Program Director of KWM artcenter

Tim Crowley is the international program director of the KWM artcenter. He is also a practicing artist, curator. He worked for Asprey Jacques in London and Bloomberg Italia. He graduated from the Slade school of Art and Chelsea School of Art, London.

Bi Shuangsai

Exhibition Director of KWM artcenter


Emily Pei

Marketing Director of KWM artcenter


Jiannan Hu

Media Director of KWM artcenter

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