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What do we actually mean when we discuss Art?


In Contemporary Art, what is the difference between Installation Art and Sculpture?
Is Art appropriation Plagiarism?
What is the difference between Art Films and Hollywood Movies?
Why do we have to own art works and keep them at home?
These questions can be answered through engagement with the development of Art History. You need to have the ability and judgement to sense art.


Now, KWM Art Club rolls out the Art Club Education Program’s Second Version Due to start in early autumn 2018!

If you are someone who loves Art and Design, we sincerely hope that you can join us.

Our teachers will share stories of Art with you beyond the books.

All your personal expectations towards Art and Design can be achieved here.


Art Club Education Program includes a series of Art and Design Courses, visits to Artists’ Studios, participation in Art Events, Art Consultations and Study Tours.


The Art Club 2017/18 included the History of Classical Western Art and the History of Video Art. This year we will focus on Modern and Contemporary History of Art and the History of Design. During 24 sessions throughout the year, we will take you back in history, interpreting and exploring the story behind the images, in order to understand human creativity, as well as the relationships among Visual Art and Society, Philosophy, Aesthetic and individuals.


KWM Art Club benefits



When you visit the places where Art originates, we sincerely hope that you will be able to gain a whole new perspective after learning and sharing with us.


Accomplishments on Elements of Art

We focus on key words of Modern and Contemporary Art and Design from 19th Century till now, combining plenty of Art and Design Historical facts. You will then be able to understand not only the visual phenomena of Art works in daily life, but also their origins and their cultural, societal and economic contexts.


Encouraging Good Taste

By helping build your aesthetic self-confidence, you will establish your own taste from visual works of the colorful contemporary world. You will then understand the differences between good and bad taste. From then on, you will be able to build your own Art World, even Art Collections, in your daily life.

Art Club content

History of Modern and Contemporary Art

We look at the origins of a variety of art styles, their representative artists and their artworks based on different historical periods, starting from the beginning of Modern Art in the early 19th Century to present day. By emphasising key concepts, we hope you can draw conclusions based on key words, distinguish and appreciate basic representative works, styles and their impact.


History of Art and Design

The History of Design course summarises the influences and contributions of artists, designers and critics on the functional, intellectual and aesthetic considerations in the world of Design. The course includes the Biedermeier Era to the Art & Crafts, the development of Modernism, Design Becomes a Lifestyle, Art Nouveau and Art Deco, Bauhaus, Anti-Design and Post-modern Design.


Art Club Highlights

Customised Lectures

In addition to 24 courses in Art and Design History, we will also invite representatives in the field of Contemporary Art: These artists, gallery owners, curators, critics and collectors will share their own experience in different professions and eliminate biases between people inside and outside the Art Circle.


Art Trips

Domestic and international art exhibitions, fairs, famous institutions and galleries, private collections and special art projects.

Based on different needs, we arrange trips according to requests from our members. We want to visit every visual scene with you and lead you to feel the art works in reality. By exchanging fresh experiences with artists, curators and collectors, we hope you will overcome your timidity and open your own art life.

Our courses are for those who are interested in art but don’t have systematical knowledge of Art.

Faculty Members of Art Club

Language used in class: Chinese and English (with Chinese translation)

Guest Speaker Introduction

Yuling Zhang is a graduate of Pekin University and Sorbonne Paris 1, and recieve a doctor degree of European medieval art history. She is presently based in Beijing, as the artistic director of the KWM artcenter. She is also an art documentary producer and script writer and visiting professor of the China Academy of Fine Arts, Hangzhou.


Tim Crowley is the assistant director and international co-ordinator of the KWM artcenter. He is also a practicing artist, curator and director of a series of Art documentaries of contemporary Chinese Art. He worked for Asprey Jacques in London and Bloomberg Italia. He graduated from the Slade school of Art and Chelsea School of Art, London.

Course Schedule

2 courses per month, 24 lessons in total

The First Session: 13:00—15:00

Break: 15:30—16:00

The Second Session: 16:00—18:00


Note: There will be some adjustments due to holidays or other reasons.

Membership Benefits

If you are one of our members, you will have:

1. Free access to Modern and Contemporary Western Art History courses and Art Design History courses. (24 times/year)
2. Free access to lectures given by renowned celebrities. Face to face communication with famous artists and cultural gurus and visit lofts of well-known collectors.
3. Visit 5-8 significant exhibitions, specially guided by planners of the art gallery.
4. Attend lectures on art design planned by KWM, join activities such as film watching and participating in art studios.
5. Specially planned art journey in downtown Beijing, visiting the Forbidden City and explore the isolated art spaces within the Beijing Hutong.
6. Exclusive discounts on international art trips, where senior Art History experts will show you around art centres all over the world and give you a deeper understanding of the Art world.
7. Invitations to the VIP opening ceremonies and receptions of KWM artcenter exhibition.
8. Exclusive consulting service on personal art collecting.
9. Together with AD Magazine, FT Chinese, Robb Report we invite our members to join various high-end custom activities related to various themes such as designing, lifestyle and financial investment.

Please Note

Limitation on Numbers of People: 25-30 person
Annual Membership Fee: 35,000 RMB /person
Duration: 2018.9-2019.9

Location: 201, Tower East, World Financial Center, No.1 Middle Road, Dongsanhuan Zhonglu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P. R. China

Phone: +86 18500202816 Emily Pei (Working Hours ONLY: 10:30-17:00)






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