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超验自我—— 当代艺术家群展

Artists: 艾安 Ai An, 河上·高惠君 He Shang·Gao Huijun, 黄钢 Huang Gang, 姜淼 Jiang Miao, 王华祥 Wang Huaxiang, 王轶琼 Wang Yiqiong, 杨千 Yang Qian, 于立 Yu Li, 张羽 Zhang Yu

Curator: 杜曦云 Du Xiyun

2024.01.30 -2024.03.02

KWM artcenter






和其它领域相比时,艺术的最不可替代性依然是美学。“当代艺术”( Contemporary Art ) 强调的是时间而不是价值取向,多种信念都可以借“当代艺术”这个壳上市,意味着多种绝对差异共处一堂。美学的魅力是表层,信念的方向是深层。终极信念是超验的。




Du XiyunIntuitive experience, rational thinking, and transcendent beliefs intricately influence individual lives. The spiritual sensation is able to be precepted but unspoken, which belongs to the transcendent dimension and is naturally compatible with art. Artist, a profession that has been intimately associated with spirituality for a long time, is glorified by its strong sensibility of inspiration and feasibility of expression.Innovation seems to be the universal rule of art, but the sense of novelty implied from the former word does not necessarily refer to the meaning of fineness. Constant changes appear to be the evolution of art, but human nature has remained unchanged throughout history, and there is nothing new. When various landscapes compete in ostentation but are hollow and superficial, the senses become weary, and the soul grows tired. Regardless of the past, present, or future, the more sensitive the soul, the more likely it is to question the ultimate existential questions buried in the depths: Who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Different answers to these questions accumulate into each person’s ultimate belief, emerging as each person’s unique self.In comparison to other fields, the most irreplaceable aspect of art is aesthetics. Contemporary Art emphasizes time over value, allowing various beliefs to coexist under the shield of contemporary art, signifying multiple absolute differences. The charm of aesthetics is on the surface, while the direction of belief is in the depth. The ultimate belief is transcendent.In an increasingly diverse art world, rather than forcibly seeking similarities, it is better to present differences openly. The artists invited to this exhibition have, over the course of their many years in the art world, consciously unfolded their work in the transcendent dimension. They confirm themselves in recognizing the relationship between the individual and the world, the individual and others, and use an evolving aesthetic language to deepen their beliefs. Here, they appear together on the stage, contrasting with each other, showcasing their selves more vividly, and also open to understanding the transcendent beliefs of others.


About KWM artcenter

KWM artcenter is a professional art institution supported by King & Wood Mallesons and its partners. Encompassing various functions such as exhibitions, art salons, and academic seminars, it is committed to discovering, showcasing, promoting, and collecting contemporary art exhibition artworks both domestically and internationally. Meanwhile, KWM artcenter carries out a range of collaborations with fashion, photography, architecture, and other fields, and launches a series of art education activities and workshops to cultivate citizens’ aesthetics. By conducting exhibitions and interactive initiatives with King & Wood Mallesons offices worldwide, it aims to bolster the influence of Chinese art worldwide. Situated in the CBD area in Beijing, KWM artcenter aspires to establish a distinct, modern, forward-looking art center with infinite potential, rising as a prominent advocate for Chinese contemporary culture.

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