Through the Looking-Glass: Mu Lintong&Zhou Mingde Duo Exhibition



Artists |  Mu Lintong, Zhou Mingde

Curator |  Zhu He

Producer |  Cao Zitian

On November 16, 2023,” Through the Looking-Glass: Mu Lintong and Zhou Mingde duo exhibition” opened at KWM artcenter.

Through the Looking-Glass

Zhu He


The two artists, Mu Lintong and Zhou Mingde, both focus on easel painting, yet charted distinct artistic odysseys. In terms of artistic genres, Mu focuses on oil painting, while Zhou excels in ink wash painting. In 2022, they crossed paths in a renowned art reality show, where Mu and Zhou became teammates. United by shared artistic endeavours, their friendship blossomed.

The title “Through the Looking-Glass” draws inspiration from two classic works: the ‘Classic of Mountains and Seas’ and ‘Flowers in the Mirror.’ The former delves into the very essence of our world, offering profound insights into the overarching cultural narrative, while the latter inherits its thematic elements and weaves vivid tapestries of the grand expanse of existence. In a parallel narrative, the two artists cultivated different artistic styles, much like the coexistence of these two literary masterpieces. Above all. their friendship and collective worldview thus unfurled a realm teeming with boundless creativity and an imaginative panorama.

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