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Jiannan Hu

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Initially, we expected to conduct a temporary and improvised project during the epidemic, with no intention of an exhibition but more an attempt to capture subconscious fragments of the everyday during the outbreak. Our way of doing this was through the familiar 15s WeChat video function.

As the slow process of a new normalisation begins in China, we have decided to continue the project as the epidemic grows across the world as it will remain in our consciousness and daily activities for the foreseeable future. There remain equally insightful records to be documented in the aftermath. The project will be incorporated into our 2020 programme. The requirements remain the same.


1. The film must be 15 seconds long – Wechat film length – no more/no less.
2. Once a week the responses will be broadcast on all KWM artcenter platforms.
3. The participant should say want they want to say the most in the present situation – either positive and instructive or anxious and critical. But both are good.
4. It should be quick and straight forward.
5. The participant must be in it vocally or visually.
6. The participant should not think about it too long – it should be a fairly spontaneous reaction to the request.
7. Please note it is not an artwork or a presentation of an artwork.


KWM artcenter

The KWM artcenter opened on 20th October 2016. It is located on the second floor of the WFC centre CBD in Beijing. The art center is supported by the law firm King & Wood Mallesons. The KWM artcenter presents and promotes artists both domestically and overseas as well as building up its own collection. In particular, it acts as a rare art institution at the heart of the economic central area in Beijing. It provides high-quality art educational activities and courses aimed to cultivate art lovers and collectors. It serves to improve the international influence of Chinese Art and become a powerful communicator of Chinese Contemporary Art.

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