Artists’ Film International Screening 4

Artist: Nguyen Hai Yen,Marko Tirnanić,D’Ette Nogle
2019.09.05 – 2019.10.15

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KWM artcenter is pleased to present its fourth collaboration with the Whitechapel Gallery, London from 5th September to 29th October. Throughout 2019/20, KWM artcenter will be screening a series of moving image works as part of the Artists’ Film International (AFI) project based on the theme of gender. AFl celebrates moving image work and is selected by a global partnership of arts organisations including KWM artcenter. Each nominates an outstanding work from their region which is screened across each venue during the year.

The fourth 3 selected films are Vietnamese artist Nguyen Hai Yen’s Summer siesta 6th hour counting from dawn (2017) selected by Hanoi DOCLAB, Hanoi, Vietnam; Serbian artist Marko Tirnanic’s Aversion to Activity/ Eight of March (2019) selected by the Cultural Centre of Belgrade, Serbia and; American artist D’Ette Nogle’s film Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (Teach Me How to Dougie) (2009) selected by the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.


Nguyen Hai Yen (b. 1994, Hanoi) uses dreamlike cinematography in Summer siesta 6th hour counting from dawn. A young woman is absorbed by a Vietnamese film on TV while female figures in a forest with mirrored cutouts over their faces reflect back what they see.

Marko Tirnanić (b. 1985, Belgrade) is interested in power dynamics. In his work Aversion to Activity/ Eight of March, we follow a group of women who find themselves at a party devoid of men. The women are able to drink and experience a sense of freedom, without the presence of any oppressive control mechanisms in place. Even in that isolated space, patriarchal structures still appear to have an impact on them. He sets out to highlight the importance of fighting against habitual gender roles.

D’Ette Nogle (b. 1974, La Mirada, CA) is interested in how culture happens, how an idea or a form moves from one person and one discourse to another—a man to a woman, a student to a teacher—on its way through a society. The artist appears in the video dancing alongside two male students in a classroom at Fairfax High School, where she teaches. They clap, hands high, and start bouncing in place, hopping from one leg to another.

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About the Artist

Nguyen Hai Yen plays with (sign) language(s), water, mirror and emptiness and sees herself as Borges’ Funes the memories after being thrown by a half-tamed horse and becoming physically paralysed decided to reduce each of his past days to some seventy thousand memories. She started practising moving image at Hanoi Doclab since 2015 and has made few short films including Homeless (2016), Water dreams (2016) and her latest one Summer siesta: 6th hour counting from dawn (2017). Her films were screened at such programs as Quest Festival, Hanoi Docfest 2017, Cold Call Film Festival (February 2018). “Water Dreams” has won first prize for Quest x Doclab Short Film Competition. She just finished her residency at Á Space in June 2019.

Marko Tirnanić (1985. Serbia) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, where he earned his master’s degree in painting. He actively exhibits his work in Serbia and abroad – Thailand, Croatia, Austria and Netherlands. He was invited by the Austrian Ministry of Culture and KulturKontakt to participate in a residential program for artists, where he realized one collective and one solo exhibition.

His works are mainly in domain of video and installations in the public spaces (for example in front of the Serbian parliament building but also in more intimate spaces for a smaller group of people). In his work Marko explores the relations of power, the relationship between individual and state, between the dominating and the dominated. His interest goes deep into research of monitored movements, control and freedom. He always seeks to include the audience in his work and develop a relation between the observer and the piece.

D’Ette Nogle (b. 1974, La Mirada, CA) received her MFA from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has a forthcoming solo exhibition at Bodega, New York, NY (2019). Previous solo exhibitions include Egg, Chicago, IL (2015); The Finley, Los Angeles (2015); Clifton Benevento, New York, NY (2014); and L.A.C.E, Los Angeles, CA (2001). Recent group shows include Gallery Share hosted by Hannah Hoffman, Kristina Kite Gallery, and Park View, Los Angeles, CA; Hurts to Laugh, Various Small Fires, Los Angeles, CA (2018); A Change of Heart, Hannah Hoffman, Los Angeles, CA (2017); EGG, Essex Street, New York, NY (2015) amongst many others. Her work has been featured in Made in L.A. at The Hammer Museum and Sonsbeek 9 in the Netherlands. She lives and works in Los Angeles.


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