KWM artcenter x VICE China present Special Screening

Part.1 Creators MEETS Rachel Maclean Premiere
Part.2 Rachel Maclean It’s What’s Inside That Counts



Date: 2018.12.23 (Sun) 15:00 – 16:00
Location: KWM artcenter
Screening Language: In English with Chinese subtitles
*Free event, to reserve a seat, please send email to
*Please no late entry;
*Please keep mobile devices on silent;


About Screening

KWM artcenter is pleased to present Rachel Maclean’s first solo exhibition in China from 16 November 2018 to 16 February 2019. The exhibition presents 2 film installations, a set of 6 digital prints and a newly commissioned VR work. The aim of the exhibition is to introduce Maclean’s practice to a new audience. Social media, advertising, children’s television programmes and fairy tales appear regularly in Maclean’s work highlighting the key themes of identity, gender, consumerism and our dependence on technology.


This special screening will be presented by KWM artcenter and VICE China. We will premiere the Rachel Maclean’s interview short film produced by VICE China. Maclean talked about her creative ideas and her thinking about contemporary life in the interview short film. We will also show the artist’s film “It’s What’s Inside That Counts “(2016). The film borrows techniques that global corporations use to sell well-being, youth and happiness by flooding us with imagery and feeding our anxieties. Playing all of her characters herself, Maclean uses green-screen film techniques and animated backdrops to create foreboding environments. After the screening, we will invite Ms. Zhang Yuling, Director of KWM artcenter, to guide the exhibition “Rachel McLean” for the audience.


Rachel Maclean is considered one of the most important and distinctive artists at work in the world today. Playing many of the costumed characters herself in her films, Maclean fuses both comedy and horror acted out against hyper-real worlds using green-screen video and computer generated visual effects. Her work is a powerful satire of contemporary society exposing all its colourful and alluring yet grotesque aspects.

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