Sound · Life:Weng Xuesong & Fanjiang Mingdao Duo Exhibition

Artists: Weng Xuesong | Fanjiang Mingdao


KWM artcenter

In the deep winter of the Gui-Mao year, we are very honored to announce the opening of ‘Sound · Life’ — a dual exhibition by Weng Xuesong and FanJiang Mingdao, which will commence on December 22 at the KWM artcenter. This exhibition will display Weng Xuesong’s paintings and FanJiang Mingdao’s sculptures, showcasing the spontaneous growth in the recent creative works of these two artist friends. This is also a collaborative expression stemming from their shared ‘natural view,’ an ongoing and casual presentation.


Xuesong’s paintings always focus on nature. Over the years, he has honed his skills on canvas and in ink, blending a myriad of atmospheric landscapes and vegetation under his brush. In depicting their forms and charm, he reveals the unique Eastern perspective on nature and life imagery. Entering his paintings is like wandering in the artist’s vast mindset, exploring the secrets of nature and the profound emotional world of the artist amidst expansive vistas and rich, refined details. In the three years when it was inconvenient for everyone to go out, Xuesong delved deeper into the subtleties of light, shadow, and frequency, revealing the natural order in a more concentrated yet diffuse ink style. There, the way of art and the way of nature are one, with Xuesong acting as the emissary that materializes imagery.


The relationship between nature and art is also a recurring theme in FanJiang Mingdao’s creative career. He gives new forms to camphor wood that has lost its life, shaping them according to their natural state. In the process of carving, he repeatedly experiences and contemplates how life can be reborn and how nature can perpetuate itself even when resources seem exhausted. In FanJiang Mingdao’s heart, these reanimated pieces of wood are like monuments — they carry human memories of life, and life’s appearance is not just a single form. Like the ancient piano exhibited this time, with only white keys, it seems absurd but exists in a more decisive manner. The piano achieves its ‘new life,’ creating a new soundscape and becoming a carrier of new experiences.


The arrangement of the exhibition site reflects the two artists’ optimistic and relaxed attitude towards life. The paintings and sculptures naturally resonate with each other, presenting the life philosophy of the two artists — they understand the laws of nature, thus living life according to form and meaning, naturally spending their lives completely transcending the established concepts of art history.


Welcome to ‘Sound · Life’ by Weng Xuesong and FanJiang Mingdao. Stay for a moment in this elegant, leisurely, and uniquely vibrant exhibition space, receive new messages in the sound frequencies, reimagine and feel nature, and freely construct a fresh relationship with life in the present.


Zhang Cong, in the heavy snow season of the Gui-Mao year.



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