艺术家|Artist : 曹俊 Cao Jun

策展人|Curator : 马子涵 Ma Zihan




The exhibition is curated by Ma Zihan, and presents more than thirty splendid artworks from Mr. Cao Jun’s three series: “New Song Style Series,” “Splashed Color Lotus Series,” and “Abstract Series.”



“曹俊用美来净化人们的心灵。他对中国画美学风范的现代表达,深深打动西方观众。”美国波士顿学院的哲学系教授萨利斯,是研究柏拉图、康德、黑格尔等哲学大师的现象学大家,也是少数对宋代山水画有着深入研究的美国学者。萨利斯教授说,曹俊喜欢用画笔讲述中国故事,也善于表达世界性话题。他的许多作品,如泼彩山水系列、抽象宇宙系列,都是站在全人类的高度观照人与自然的关系,观照人的生存状态和生命感受。这种开放的艺术哲学视角使他的作品更容易参与全球对话。近年来,在冰岛、荷兰召开的欧洲比较与大陆哲学 (CCPC) 国际年会上,曹俊作为唯一的受邀艺术家交流绘画语言,表达现代东方人对于宇宙人生的终极思考。

曹俊先生是一位具有大视野大格局的艺术家,其作品充满生机,具有独特的诗意。在中国千年的绘画传统滋养下,作为一位长期旅居国外的艺术家,他将情感注入笔端,将具有深厚内涵的中国艺术 发扬于西方。在艺术多元发展的时代,曹俊先生继承传统,感知自然之精神,形成了自己独特的艺术道路。《让世界看到中国的美》主题展览,意在展示曹俊先生笔下中国之美的精彩作品。我们亦诚挚邀请您在展览期间莅临金杜艺术中心,欣赏曹俊先生精品力作!


Let the World See the Beauty of China

“With beauty as his medium, Cao Jun purifies the essence of human souls. His modern expression of Chinese aesthetics in painting deeply moves audiences in the Western part of the world,” said Professor Salis, Professor of Philosophy at Boston College who is an expert in phenomenology and a rare American scholar with in-depth research on landscape paintings in the Song Dynasty. Professor Salis further noted that Mr. Cao Jun enjoys using his brush to tell Chinese stories and is also skilled in addressing global themes. Many of his works, such as the Splashed Color Landscape Series and Abstract Series, explore the relationship between humanity and nature, reflecting on human existence and the human experience from a universal perspective. This open philosophical approach to art makes his works easily engage in global dialogues. In recent years, at the European Comparative and Continental Philosophy (CCPC) International Annual Conferences held in Iceland and the Netherlands, as the exclusive invited artist, Cao Jun communicates through the language of painting, expressing the ultimate contemplation of contemporary thoughts on cosmos and human life from the Eastern perspective.

Mr. Cao Jun is an internationally renowned artist boasting a broad vision and expansive perspective. His works are full of vigor and vitality and are uniquely poetic. Nourished by the thousands of years old tradition of Chinese painting, and his long experience of living abroad, Mr. Cao Jun has successfully injected his emotions and feelings onto his brush and brought his unique interpretation of the exquisite traditional Chinese painting to the West. In an era of diversified art progress, Mr. Cao Jun has, based on his inheritance of the traditional Chinese painting, perceived the spirit of nature, and forged his own unique path to artistic success. The theme of the exhibition, “Let the World See the Beauty of China,” aims to showcase the splendid works of Mr. Cao Jun that depict the beauty of China. We cordially invite you to visit the exhibition at KWM artcenter to appreciate Mr. Cao Jun’s exceptional masterpieces!


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作品被中国美术馆、新西兰国会、波士顿学院麦克马伦博物馆、中国驻奥地利使馆、 新西兰驻华使馆分别收藏,多幅作品被洛克菲勒家族、四季酒店等收藏家和公司收藏; 2022 年作品《春消息》被中国人民大会堂收藏并陈列。

先后出版了《谈艺文集》(曹俊关于绘画艺术的研究,人民美术出版社)、《中 国当代名家画集·曹俊》(北京工艺美术出版社)、《大自然的赞美诗——曹俊》(英文版,美国大学学者关于曹俊绘画的研究及作品集,美国芝加哥大学出版社)、《大自然的颂歌》(英文版,美国学者赛里斯教授关于曹俊作品的研究,美国印第安纳大学出版社)、《中国高等美术院校教学范本精选·曹俊新宋式中国画》(共四卷)等多部学术出版物。其作品被欧美及中国高等院校列为美术专业教材。

Cao Jun

Mr. Cao Jun was born in April 1966 in China Jiangsu province. He had lived at the foot of China’s famous Mount Tai for 18 years, and in New Zealand for 10 years before he moved to New York in 2013. He is currently Co-chairman of the Advisory Committee of Nassau County Museum of Art in New York,Director of the Dedao Institute of Cross-Border Visual Language at Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts, and visiting professor in China’s Nanjing University of Arts, Renmin University, Communication University, Shandong University of Science and Technology, and Qingdao University, etc.

Mr. Cao Jun’s major solo exhibitions include those held in: Bruce Mason Art Center, New Zealand, May 2005; China’s National Art Museum, February 2009 jointly sponsored by the Chinese Embassy in New Zealand, New Zealand Embassy in China, and China International Painting and Calligraphy Art Research Association; China’s Jiangsu Provincial Art Museum, 2011, sponsored by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture; and McMullen Museum of Art in Boston College, organized and sponsored by the McMullen Museum of Art from February to June, 2018, during which the McMullen Museum held several academic seminars participated by professors and students from numerous American universities including Harvard.

Mr. Cao Jun participated at invitation in an Art Exhibition at the Louver, Paris, in December 2013, and won a Gold Medal; His works were exhibited at the “Art New York (Pier 94) — International Contemporary and Modern Art Fair hosted by Art Miami in May 2016; at Art Basel in Miami in June 2017; at the “Wild Kingdom’’ Art Exhibition in Nassau County Museum of Art in New York in November 2018.

In May 2019, He was invited and took part in the 14th Annual Meeting of the Comparative and Continental Philosophy Circle at Leiden University in the Netherlands, at which scholars from many countries lectured on Cao Jun’s artwork, and Cao Jun made a presentation and on-site art demonstration about east-west arts. In December 2019, his works were exhibited at China’s 13th National Exhibition of Fine Arts. In March 2020, He participated in the art exhibition “Blue” in New York where his name was presented on the museum poster board alongside Matisse, Picasso, Klein and Gilot.

His works have been collected by National Art Museum of China, New Zealand Congress, McMullen Museum of Boston College, Chinese Embassy in Austria, and New Zealand Embassy in China, as well as private collectors such as the Rockefeller family and the Four Seasons Hotel, etc.; In 2022, his work “Sign of the Early Spring” was acquired by and displayed in China’s Great Hall of the People.

Publications by and about Mr.Cao Jun include “An Anthology on Arts” (Cao Jun’s Research on Fine Art) published by China’s People’s Fine Art Publishing House; “A Collection of Cao Jun’s Paintings” published by Beijing Arts and Crafts Publishing House; “Hymns to Nature” (English version: Illustrated Articles by Scholars from US Universities on Cao Jun’s Artwork) published by University of Chicago Press; “Songs of Nature” (English version : Dr. John Sallis’ articles about Cao Jun’s artwork) published by Indiana University Press; “Cao Jun’s New Song-Dynasty Style Paintings: A Model Teaching Material for China’s Colleges and Universities of Fine Arts” (a set of 4 volumes) and many other academic publications. His works have been listed as professional teaching materials by many Colleges and Universities of fine arts academies in Europe, America and China.



About the Curator



香港 Web3.0 协会副会长,北京市石景山区青联常委,北京市石景山区“景贤人才”。


Ma Zihan

Ma Zihan, co-founder of the Sky Limit Entertainment Group. Vice President of the Institute of Web 3.0 Hong Kong, Standing Committee Member of the Youth Federation of Beijing Shijingshan District, and “Jingxian Talent” of Beijing Shijingshan District. She got her Master’s degree from the School of Communication at Hong Kong Baptist University.

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